Sensory Treat Box - Dreamy Sleep Worth over £150! - Sensory Retreats
Sensory Treat Box - Dreamy Sleep - Sensory Retreats
Sensory Treat Box - Dreamy Sleep Worth over £150! - Sensory Retreats
Sensory Treat Box - Dreamy Sleep - Sensory Retreats
Sensory Treat Box - Dreamy Sleep - Sensory Retreats
Sensory Treat Box - Dreamy Sleep Worth over £150! - Sensory Retreats
Sensory Treat Box - Dreamy Sleep - Sensory Retreats

Sensory Treat Box - Dreamy Sleep Worth over £150!

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Discover our ultimate Dreamy Sleep box that will engage all 5 senses and is full of everything you need for a pampering spa day at home time and time again.

Pamper the mind, body and soul, and enjoy your best night's sleep with our incredible new Dreamy Sleep box. More than just a spa box, this Sensory Retreats' gift is an emersion for all 5 senses engaging touch, sight, smell, sound and taste. 

Please note this gift box is not included in any 3-for-2 offers or discounts as it is already heavily discounted.

Enjoy a wonderful spa bath, herbal teas, meditation music, skincare pampering and the ultimate sleep ritual with the luxury items included in this box. 

Packed full of aromatherapy scents and essential oils this limited edition box even includes a luxurious 100% Mulberry silk pillowcase worth £69, so you can sleep better and wake up every day with radiant skin, smoother hair and feeling well-rested.   Each box contains products worth over £150!


  • 1 box of 5 Dreamy Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks 
  • 2 Luna Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask Single Sachets
  • 1 Sensory Silk 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase 
  • 3 Camellia’s Tea House Sleep Well Teabags 
  • Luna Sleep Relaxing Body and Bath Oil 30ml 
  • Luna Sleep Relaxing Pulse Point Oil 10ml 
  • Luna Relaxing Twinkle Light Scented Candle 25g 
  • Luna Sleep Relaxing Pillow Spray 30ml  
  • Time for Tea Hand-pressed Mug
  • Sensory Retreats Beauty Bag 
  • Sensory Retreats Door Sign
  • Divine Escape Crystal Singing Bowls Music Download 
  • Meditation Guide 
  • Meditation Visualisation
  • Dreamy Affirmation Card 


      • It contains everything you need for a spa day in the comfort of your own home 
      • This gift uses the finest essential oils and spa products made from UK companies  
      • Contains our best-selling self-heating eye masks to help you sleep better and combat stress, headaches and eye strain  
      • Contains a luxurious pure silk pillowcase to help you wake up looking younger with less face ceases, softer hair and with more supple-looking skin  
      • This treat box supports small local UK businesses with handmade, handcrafted items 
      • Each box contains locally designed items you can use again and again such as a wonderful mug, me-time door sign and beauty bag 
      • Enjoy the powers of herbal teas with our UK made tea bags for 5 minutes to relax and revive 
      • Rebalance your chakras with a free digital download of our exclusive Crystal Sound Singing Bowl music and meditation guide. Perfect for a relaxing bath. 


      • Start by taking 5 minutes to pour yourself a cup of delicious mint tea and relax with the uplifting and refreshing herbal blend  
      • Use your ‘Time for Tea - Time for Me’ hand-pressed mug and put your feet up 
      • When you are ready run a warm bath and hang your handmade sign on the door. This is your time to stop and unwind 
      • Drizzle some Luna Sleep Oil Into the bath and light your Twinkle Light Candle for a relaxing atmosphere and wonderfully soothing scent  
      • Play your exclusive Divine Escape Crystal Singing Bowl Music on your phone or device and step into your bath  
      • Take 25 to relax and revive  
      • Once out of the bath massage any dry skin areas, such as legs and arms, with our incredibly soothing Luna Sleep Massage Oil. Pour a small amount into the palm of your hand and gently massage over your skin. Hold your hand over your face and breathe in deeply enjoying the well-being benefits of lavender, eucalyptus and patchouli essential oils. This oil will hydrate skin and relax the mind 
      • Before bed apply the Luna Sleep Rollerball to pulse points such as your temples and wrists. The expert aromatherapy blend will help your mind unwind and relax  
      • When going to bed place your luxurious pure Mulberry silk pillowcase over your pillow - the wonderfully soft finish will feel amazing against your skin as you sleep
      • Spay a light spritz of our Luna Sleep Pillow Spray to aid relaxation. This can be done nightly for the ultimate pre-sleep ritual   
      • Finally lay down to sleep - we recommend placing our Luna Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks over your eyes allowing the gentle heat and lavender scent to help you drift off into an amazing slumber  
      • Wake up with softer skin, a revived mind and a relaxed body day after day.  

      Top tip: Carry your rollerball and essentials with you in your beauty bag for on-the-go relaxation


      The Sensory Treat Box - Dreamy Sleep, is designed for creating the ultimate at-home spa experience promoting a calm mind. Well-being benefits include relaxation, calmness, less stress, fewer worries and better sleep.


      You can use your Sensory Treat Box at any time of day. You can create a whole day of pampering experiences or use bits of your box each day or when you need it most.


      See instructions on how to use each individual product. Contains gentle heated elements and essential oils. 

      (Please note: This product is not included in any discounts or offers as it is discounted already and is worth over £150)