Lava Shells thermaBliss Massage - Sensory Retreats
Lava Shells thermaBliss Massage - Sensory Retreats

Lava Shells thermaBliss Massage


Treatment time: 55 minutes

Price: Inquire with your local salon

An indulgent and blissful heated massage treatment that delivers a full sensory experience unlike any other.

This deeply relaxing full body massage uses a range of sensory elements combined with the comforting heat of hygienic and non-porous Lava Shells, and your therapist’s expert touch, to transport you into a blissful state of wellbeing.

Starting with a luxurious back massage, the shells are worked over the back, neck and shoulders to ease tension, remove knots and melt away stress.

This is followed by a wonderfully tranquil full body massage that is further enhanced with the Sensory Retreats professionally blended aromatherapy wellbeing oil and a Divine Eyes self-heating eye mask for ultimate immersion of the senses.

The comforting heat, blackout properties and scents of this mask will help you fully relax your mind, taking your treatment to an even deeper state of tranquillity.

Crystal sound healing music, a rose quartz crystal, and a refreshing herbal tea can be added to complete this heavenly journey. 

Our treatments are in over 2,000 spas and salons. Call 01295 235511 to find your local Sensory Retreats' salon. Prices may vary depending on the salon.

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