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An online portal bursting with wonderful well-being gifts and ideas for children alongside woodland adventures and outdoor activity days to help you surrender to your inner elf

Elfland UK is the vision of Clare Anderson, Founder of Sensory Retreats, and her young daughter Siena. Clare has been in the beauty industry for over 25 years and is a passionate advocate of the importance of complete wellbeing for mind, body and soul. 

During lockdown, it became even more apparent that kids and not just adults' mental and physical needs were affected. Clare realised that tapping into the underlying ethos behind the Sensory Retreats brand, while adapting the product range specifically to cater for the wellbeing needs of children, could be the answer to helping children be more present and aware in the moment.

The result is Elfland UK. An online portal for children that includes a range of products delivering a host of wellbeing benefits and positive affirmations, alongside woodland based experiences that focus on the importance of sensory stimulation.

Clare’s ultimate wish is that children, alongside their parents, will be encouraged to reconnect with the world around them, using the healing power of kindness, mindfulness and nature to simultaneously relax but also recharge over-stimulated bodies and minds.

Discover what Elfland has to offer...

Elfland is designed to encourage children (and their parents) to discover and surrender to their inner elf as they embark on a sensory journey to delight their senses
Elf Eyes
Discover Elf Eyes, the latest self-heating eye mask from Sensory Retreats. 

These eye masks heat up when placed over the eyes which is a magical experience for children and adults. 

They will help to calm and relax overactive minds during the busy festive period and make a lovely addition to any Christmas Eve box or stockings

The Lost Wish Book
Siena is a bright and brave little girl who, one stormy night, steps through a magical archway into Elfland; a thrilling world of elves, dragons, flying pixies and talking rats! 

With the help of her best friends, can she find The Lost Wish and save the dreams of thousands of children? Will Gizmo the dragon get there first?

Elfland Adventures
If you are lucky, you might just encounter a wellbeing wish elf, enjoying their own adventure deep within the woods at Evenley, or one of the other woodland homes of ElfLandUK adventures. 

Keep your eyes and ears peeled. Use all of your senses and maybe, just maybe, you can magic a wellbeing wish elf to appear in front of you.

Coming soon

Remi, our Sleepy Elf 

Wrap your arms around Remi as you cuddle up in bed and prepare to enjoy a beautiful night time adventure together through Elfland. 

Remi is in charge of the grand sleep secret and helps children everywhere relax, unwind and get the best quality rest possible. Hold Remi tight to protect your dreams throughout the night. 


When can I buy a copy of The Lost Wish?

The Lost Wish will be avalible to buy online from September 2022

Can I buy Elf Eyes and when?

Elf Eyes will be avalible to buy from the Sensory Retreats website in July 2022

Are Elf Eyes suitable for children?

Elf Eyes have been designed with children in mind and are unscented. Our masks are suitable for use on children aged 5 +. Adult supervision is recommended. If using on children you may need to secure with an extra knot to tighten the loops

What age group is The Lost Wish book for?

The Lost Wish is for young readers aged around 8+ but it is also a wonderufl book for parents and carers to read to children of all ages

Can I book Elfland Adventures?

Elfland Adventures has two dates running during the winter months of 2022. Please email info@elflanduk.com to find out more

Can you sleep in your Elf Eyes Eye Masks?

Unlike many other heated masks, they can be worn all night as a blackout mask, however we reccomend that you remove from children once they are asleep. 

Use whenever you need to relax, meditate, drift off to sleep, or if your sleep has been disturbed and you need to fall back to sleep

The Lost Wishing Coming September 2022

Have You Met The Characters Yet?

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