The Sleepy Elf Meditation - Sensory Retreats

The Sleepy Elf Meditation

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A dreamy visualisation to help your little elf relax and unwind the body before sleep.

Meet Remi, the Sleepy Elf, as you go on a magical sleep journey together narrated by Natalie Samuel. On this guided visualisation track you’ll enjoy a tour of the Sleep Elf’s garden and meet some of their friends as you drift off to peaceful sleep.

Listen to the sounds of Natalie’s voice, wrap your arms around yourself, give yourself a gentle cuddle night and enjoy a beautiful nighttime journey through Elfland with Remi, the Sleepy Elf, as you drift off quietly and peacefully into a deep but refreshing sleep. Remi is in charge of the grand sleep secret and in charge of helping children everywhere relax, unwind and get the best quality rest possible.

But remember to first tap your Elf Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask three times to bring the magic to life before you allow your eyes to gently close.