Festival Beauty Essentials: Spa-Style Treats For Camping

Festival Beauty Essentials: Spa-Style Treats For Camping

If the mere thought of camping at a festival leaves you feeling tired and worn out before you’ve even left, make sure you pack some festival beauty essentials to help you look your best day, and night!

Our Self-Heating Eye Masks have been designed to help you sleep better, reduce puffy eyes and wake up feeling refreshed - even on a run of late nights! They are a warm hug for tired eyes and a must-have for any camping trip this summer. 

Thankfully you don’t have to spend the earth to reduce those daytime hangovers and bring a little spa-style pampering into your glamping or festival weekend away because these must-have festival beauty essentials start from as little as £3.95! 

Here’s why you need to slip a Sensory Retreats spa treat into your camping bag this summer...

Festival Beauty 101: Goodbye Hangover! 

Don’t underestimate the power of the soft and velvety Sensory Retreats Self-Heating Eye Masks. Infused with aromatherapy essences these masks heat up when placed over the eyes so you can drift off into dreamland after a late night, and still wake up feeling ready to face another day of dancing! 

From, £3.95, shop here

sensory retreats luna eye mask

Top-tip: Each mask is individually wrapped so they are bacteria free and won’t get wet 

Festival Beauty 101: Block out the Light 

Sleeping in a tent in the summer can only mean one thing – waking up early with the sun! However, these clever,  soothing Luna Eye Masks, £3.95 each, can block out the light and create snooze-inducing darkness anytime, anywhere. Plus, you can wear them again without the heat to ensure you sleep better every night you are away! 

sensory retreats festival beauty essentials

Festival Beauty 101: Relax Anytime, Anywhere 

This little pocked-sized wellness oil is perfect for some on the go relaxation when camping. Simply apply to the pulse points any time you need to clear and re-focus the mind or relax after one too many late nights. It can be re-applied throughout the day and is discreet so you can carry it with you wherever you go in a pocket! 

festival beauty essentials divine oil

Divine Restoring Pulse Point Oil, £8.50, shop here

Festival Beauty 101: Wake-up Looking Refreshed 

These best-selling Amour Self-Heating Eye Masks, from £3.95, are a soothing hug for tired, puffy eyes which means they are great at tackling late nights and early starts! Why not apply your favourite eye cream followed by a self-heating eye mask and then sleep, waking up looking and feeling wide awake and ready to party. 

festival beauty essentials self heating eye mask

Festival Beauty 101: Create Some Spa-style Zen 

All the Sensory Retreats eye mask boxes come with exclusive FREE Crystal Singing Bowl Music download which means you can totally zen out and rebalance your chakras when feeling the party strain, wherever you are! Simply scan the QR code from your tent and lay back as the powerful tones calm and rebalance. 

festival beauty essentials create spa style zen

Festival Beauty 101: Sleep Like You are in a 5* Hotel 

sensory silk festival beauty essentials

Why not wake up with smoother skin and softer hair even if you’ve only had a few hours sleep thanks to the 100% silk Sensory Silk Pillowcase, £69. Each Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is:  

  • Extremely soft - it will help reduce the appearance of crease marks and fine lines when you wake thanks to the softness of the silk 
  • Gentle on our hair - wake up with softer, smoother hair as the pure silk against your hair won't pull or tug leaving hair looking better by morning  
  • Made from natural fibres and hypoallergenic 
  • Helps skin retain moisture rather than drawing it out like cotton 
  • Cooling and helps regulate body temperature – perfect for in a warm tent!

Festival Beauty 101: Help the Kids Sleep Better 

If you are worried about camping with kids, fear not! These very lightly fragranced Aurora Self-Heating Eye Masks, from £3.95, combine gentle warmth and aromatherapy scents will help to calm a racing mind, relax and enable the whole family to drift off. Whether you need to calm the kids after a big day of fun, help them sleep in a new environment or doze off in the day, these very delicately scented eye masks will help.  

festival beauty essentials help kids sleep

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