Award-winning eye masks that will help tension magically melt away as tired eyes are relaxed and soothed


The Sensory Retreats Self-Heating Eye Mask collection harnesses advanced and patented Ecosteam technology combined with luxurious aromatherapy scents to deliver a complete immersion of the senses. Our eye masks are vegan certified and each mask can be reused as a blackout mask without the heat.

Plus, each box of eye masks comes with FREE music and meditation downloads to complete your well-being journey at home


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Sensory Retreats self-heating eye masks certified vegan by the vegan society
Luna Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks - Lavender Scented Amour Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks - Rose Scented Dreamy Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks - Jasmine Scented Aurora Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks - Chamomile Scented Divine Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask  - Lavender Scented

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Infused with either relaxing lavender, balancing rose, soothing jasmine or calming chamomile our eye masks are the perfect retreat for your eyes and your mind.

Divine Eyes Self Heating Eye Mask
Luna Eyes Self Heating Eye Mask


"I almost wish I hadn’t discovered these amazing masks because I don’t think I can live without them now! After using and loving the Luna masks I wanted to try the Amour eyes. I’m so glad I did! They’re so relaxing and the smell is gorgeous. I am currently in hospital feeling awful but what has helped me sleep and relax is the amour masks that I remembered to take in with me. Can’t wait to try the rest."


“I first heard about this wonderful product whilst watching This Morning and the lovely Ateh Jewel was demonstrating them , I’m at that age where I don’t sleep very well and these are so wonderfully relaxing and soothing when you put them on, they would also make a wonderful little extra to add as a birthday or anytime present, I’m so glad I discovered them ”


“I bought these for my 15 year-old daughter who had been stressing with her exams.

I wanted to get her something to relax and calm her down. These were/are fantastic. She loves them and they smell great.

They are so good, I purchased some more and even the pillow spray.”


Wow I LOVE the Aurora Eyes mask by Sensory Retreats! I never sleep on a flight however, this mask had me out for the count for over 2 hours and during a day flight! The subtle scent of camomile and the warmth of the mask is so soothing and comforting."


“The Luna Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks really helped me sleep - very relaxing and comfortable. I usually hate things on my face but got to say absolutely loved these!"


“These masks are really amazing, I've genuinely never found a product that helps me to fall asleep so fast and I think the heat from the mask makes eye serums activate much better! Noticed a big change in my eye bags/circles. Love, love, love!”


“I have tried a couple of these masks lavender and rose, just sit back, and relax the mask warms up after opening and the warmth is lovely. I have Bell’s Palsy at the moment, and they have helped me to relax the eye muscles. Don’t throw them away after as when you just want 40 winks the fragrance is still there, for a nice nap. I Think they are great.”


“I used the self-heating eye mask with the relaxing lavender scent. I went the whole “spa” treatment - whale music; lavender room mist; and the mask helped me totally relax into the soothing warmth of it. Well done Sensory Retreats, it lived up to its name. I look forward to receiving any mask in your range.”



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