How the Menopause Affects Sleep and What You Can Do To Help

How the Menopause Affects Sleep and What You Can Do To Help

There are so many myths and untruths surrounding the menopause. It’s a subject that still doesn’t get the airtime it deserves, even with female journalists. That’s quite remarkable given that there are currently about 3 billion sitting ducks, waiting to go through it!


You could well say that it’s a “hot topic”!


But actually, hot flushes are only the tip of the oh-so comforting iceberg. Ask most women who are peri-menopausal or menopausal about the key symptoms they’re suffering from (there are over 25 common ones by the way) and they’ll probably say sleeplessness, tiredness and low mood are among the most annoying.


Can I have my body back please?


It's like someone stole your body, along with your libido, your self-esteem and yes, your sleep!


For many women, menopause is a bewildering time of their lives, leading to depression and anxiety, not to mention embarrassment as various body parts start to malfunction, misbehave, or just generally head south.


Here’s just a few anecdotes from women in the public eye proving that the menopause, just like our new nemesis Covid-19, doesn’t discriminate.


“It was like a chimney and came from the base of my spine. Every take there’d be, “Stop! She’s having a flush!”

Julie Walters


“Literally one moment you’re fine, and then the other you’re in a vat of boiling water……..We evolve and should not fear that change. You’re not alone.”

Kim Cattrall


It must be my hormones!


Either side of “adulthood” women are plagued by their hormones. The menopause is what we like to think of as puberty’s big, bad, older sister just riding into town. Wreaking havoc and quite frankly, kicking off!


It’s estimated that 8 in 10 women will experience some form of menopausal symptom. Mostly these can be directly attributed to a shift in hormones, specifically depleting levels of oestrogen.


For the most part, these symptoms can be treated effectively and safely and by treating the physical symptoms, we can also address the mental ones which commonly include anxiety and stress.


I can’t sleep!


Anxiety is often a result of being awake at 4am, heart racing, body hot as hell! If you know, you know! It’s hard to imagine how you functioned back in your 20’s on self-induced lack of sleep due to a love of clubbing. Now, you find yourselves, just desperate for a good night's slumber. Even if you wanted to, clubbing is currently out of the question.


Common menopausal symptoms. What to do?


While lots of women will sail through their later years without any issues, for at least 25% of the female population, sleeplessness, heightened stress and also issues like dry eyes and skin are all too common.


Add to that the fact that these days, the vast majority of us will luckily live at least thirty to forty years after our menopause then isn’t it about time that something was done to help address and alleviate these all too common symptoms?


We certainly think so!


You may be surprised to hear that one of the answers is heat!


Oh no we hear you cry! But I’m already hot as hell. But listen out.


We’re talking about gentle, soothing heat, accompanied by relaxing aromatherapy scents, to coax your eyes and mind to relax.


While Divine Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask wasn’t initially manufactured specifically to deal with menopausal issues, it quickly became apparent that these luxurious and relaxing eye masks from Sensory Retreats were turning into nothing short of a life saving product for women experiencing menopausal symptoms. Not just that, but dry skin (including dry eyes) along with that sleep disruption is also something that can be alleviated by using a comforting sleep mask.


“I’ve had trouble sleeping since going through the menopause... but not now! The beautiful smell of essential oil combined with the gentle warmth immediately lulls me into a deep sleep.  The other thing I noticed was that the colour of the mask was black. I think this was a clever use of colour as it tricks your mind into thinking it’s a blackout mask.... another reason to drift off into a deep sleep.”

Chantal Saunders


“I am not a good sleeper and this eye mask helped me to fall asleep in minutes. I never thought I would find something as good as this but it really helps soothe my eyes and it smelled divine! I woke up feeling more refreshed and ready to conquer the day.”

Josie - Buckinghamshire


“I suffer from an eye condition that makes my eyes very dry. The mask really did help soothe and feel more lubricated."

Sara - Oxfordshire - Director



Add to that dealing with insomnia, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, poor concentration, foggy thinking. We could go on.  If you could find a product that helped deal with just one of those conditions, wouldn’t you snap it up with both of your sweaty hands!


The power of a good night's sleep!


The great news for all sufferers of menopause related sleep disruption is that relief does exist. Even better, it's cost effective too. Nor does it require a medical prescription or experimenting with various herbs and tinctures like a latter day white witch. Although creating a sleep (or a love potion come to think of it) can be a lot of fun.


A great night's sleep can in fact be positively enhanced by just 25-minutes of wearing a Divine Eyes mask, encouraging your body and mind to switch off and power down, resulting in a deeply relaxing and restorative sleep session.



What’s the link between menopause and lack of sleep?


Peri-menopausal and menopausal women are more susceptible to waking up at night with a headache, which impacts the quality of sleep and can make it difficult to then fall back to sleep. 


As oestrogen declines the brain triggers a fight-or-flight response that may mean waking up with heart palpitations or a sudden and unexplained sense of panic. Dropping off to sleep anytime soon becomes increasingly problematic! Unsettled sleep at night becomes the norm and as a consequence, so too does daytime tiredness. Cranky anyone? You might as well go join Grumpy and Dopey, your other menopausal sisters.


A Self-Heating Eye Mask could be the solution for you


Have you ever wondered why high end hotels always feature thick blackout curtains? It’s all to do with the hypothalamus in the brain which controls our internal body clock. Light delays the release of melatonin and instead triggers the production of cortisol which raises the body temperature, causing us to wake up sporadically during the night.


Step forward Divine Eyes. They’re comfortable and safe enough to also sleep in overnight and work as an effective blackout mask.


The power of Crystal Sound Healing


Healing music may also positively contribute towards a more blissful and restful nights sleep. So with any purchase of Divine Eyes, you’ll receive 85-minutes of crystal sound healing to put you in the frequency for self-care (and sleep). This deeply recuperative Crystal Sound Healing track taps into nature's frequency using the principles of neuro-sensory algorithms to deliver a more relaxing sleep cycle.


Divine Eyes is available to purchase here where you’ll also find further products from the Sensory Retreats range, all created with your wellbeing in mind. Combine a Divine Eyes pampering session with Sensory Retreats 100% aromatherapy candles and wellbeing massage oils to create the ultimate loving experience. Menopause is about to get a whole lot more luxurious. You can check out the range HERE.

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