10 Reasons You Need to Try Our Self-Heating Eye Masks

10 Reasons You Need to Try Our Self-Heating Eye Masks

Our Sensory Retreats Self-Heating Eye Masks are causing quite a stir in the health and beauty industry. Not only do they look wonderful and feel soft, but they really do help with all manner of wellbeing issues from trouble sleeping to puffy eyes and headaches.

So if you are still deciding whether to go for it, check out our list below of 10 reasons why you definitely, most certainly, should try a self-heating eye mask today!


Dreamy eyes

1. They stay warmer, longer than other brands

Soft and velvety, our eye masks stay warm for over 25 minutes - the longest on the market

2. Our masks are vegan and cruelty-free

Plus, we donate £1 for every Divine Eyes box of 7 sold to the Pink Ribbon Foundation and £1 for every Luna Eyes box of 7, to Mind.

All our packaging is also 100% recyclable 

3. Each mask is multi-purpose 

Did you know our self-heating masks contain blackout properties meaning you can wear them all night long? Pretty good right!

4. You get free gifts with each purchase

When you buy one of our masks you get a FREE crystal singing bowl music download to create the ultimate sensory spa experience AND a guided meditation track from Zen mindfulness teacher, Elizabeth Caroline

Divine Eyes

5. We have four amazing masks and three beautiful scents

We use naturally blended scents including restorative rose in our Amour Eyes, relaxing lavender in our Divine Eyes and Luna Eyes and soothing Jasmine in our Dreamy Eyes.

Our 4 masks each target specific wellbeing issues for the mind, body and soul


6. Sore eyes and a headache after too many zooms?

Then we’ve got it covered! Our masks help with headaches, insomnia, aching muscles, a racing mind, and eye strain

Divine Eyes Self Heating Eye Masks

7. Each mask has beauty benefits too 

Customers have found our masks helped reduce puffy eyes and fine lines and wrinkles when applied over eye creams, leaving eyes looking rested and bright

8. Ideal for after the gym

Self-heating eye masks are a wonderful way to relax after an intense workout or run


sensory retreats self heating eye masks

9. Handbag friendly 

Our self-heating eye masks are perfect for travelling on trains, planes (when we can!) and after long road trips. Great for weekends away and spa trips too

10. Perfect for brides-to-be and pamper parties

Our pink Amour masks promote self-love and relaxation which every bride and bridesmaid will need before the Big Day


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Amour Eyes sensory retreats self heating eye masks

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