About Us

Sensory Retreats is the newest initiative from Clare Anderson, founder of the hugely successful Lava shells and kokolokahi brands. with over 25 years experience in the luxury spa and skincare industry, Clare recognised there was a gap in the market to launch a unique product house and holistic wellbeing brand.

Clare felt that the traditional spa massage treatment, which only taps into one or two senses at most, was no longer providing an effective solution to the stresses of everyday life. Collaborating with a team of individuals from multiple backgrounds but all with the same shared passion and vision for enhanced wellbeing, the concept of Sensory Retreats was brought to life.

Our Origin

Years of experience and knowledge have gone into creating this full range of holistic treatments that go beyond the sensation of pure touch to deliver fully immersive mind, body, soul experiences, the likes of which have never been accessible before. Experiences and techniques from around the world are brought seamlessly together, enveloping all five senses, cocooning the user in their own retreat, be that in a spa destination, at home, or on location.

Sensory Retreats has designed a series of bespoke, head to toe rituals under this exciting holistic wellbeing brand, including a range of retail products so clients can continue to enjoy the therapeutic, emotional and physical benefits of one of our signature treatments at home. Find out more about our Divine Escape Spa Collection. It’s the ultimate spa experience at home.

Our Ethos

Offering a series of powerful and immersive treatments, both physical as well as emotional needs are addressed to rebalance and renew the mind, body and soul. Treatments have been purposefully designed to deliver a personalised and self-curated journey. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s important to retreat now and then from daily life to manage our emotional and mental self-care. So why not surrender your senses to a Sensory Retreat that lets you escape, if only for a moment?

Sensory Retreats experiences successfully bridge the gap between a traditional physical massage with a more holistic approach. By providing gateway treatments that tap into the physical, spiritual, and emotional, the regular spa experience has been elevated, both for spa guests and therapists alike. Leaving a renewed, physical, and emotional sense of wellbeing.

Sensory Retreats experiences encourage a new level of divine escapism. Successfully delivering attainable luxury but with deeper transformative power.

Sensory Retreats

Connect With Us

Are you ready to experience the enchanting, indulgent, and enlightening world of Sensory Retreats?

If so, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us today if you’re interested in being part of the Sensory Retreats wellbeing movement and come to join our ever-growing team of international brand ambassadors, highly trained therapists, and extensive partner network.

Plus, don’t forget to follow us on all our social media accounts and read the Sensory Retreats Blog to discover more about how you can benefit from our innovative and deeply restorative massage treatments, range of retail products, and personal experiences.

Sensory Retreats

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