Self-Care Gift Ideas to Soothe Mind, Body and Soul

Self-Care Gift Ideas to Soothe Mind, Body and Soul

Self-care and mindfulness might be buzzwords, but the principle of giving yourself a bit of TLC is a trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon - and nor should it!

Whether it’s taking 5 minutes out of your busy day for a quick meditation or you’re devout to your weekly spa treatments, taking time for a bit of luxury and relaxation is essential for our mental and physical health.

self care gift ideas

If your friend or family member never makes time for themselves or you know someone obsessed with wellbeing and health, these self-care gift ideas are sure to make them feel a million dollars and soothe their mind, body, and soul.

And if you want to get a self-care gift for yourself while you’re at it, go for it! All this shopping and acts of kindness definitely entitles you to a treat or two…

1. Try a Scented Candle Gift

Scented candles are one of our favourite housewarming gifts, but there’s never a bad time to gift someone a luxurious scented candle. Put a bit of thought into the fragrances your recipient loves for a really thoughtful gift that will make their home smell incredible.

Our hand-poured scented candles are made from 100% sustainably sourced, natural, organic vegetable wax and are beautifully packaged to make a wonderful gift. They’re even vegan-friendly, so no-one needs to miss out on the holistic and therapeutic benefits on offer! 

2. Treat Someone to a Sleep Course

If you or a loved one is really struggling to sleep and wants to get to the root cause, why not gift them an online sleep course to help them feel relaxed and rebalanced.

Based on Dominique Antiglio’s 20 years of experience with her clients to tackle the root cause of sleep issues in a simple and natural way, the Sleep Deeply with Sophrology 7 week online course allows your mind and body to completely reset to a relaxed and balanced state.

What happens during the 7 weeks?

  • Session 1: Set Yourself Up for Success
  • Session 2: How to Achieve Instant Calm Before Bed
  • Session 3: Balance your Mind and Emotions
  • Session 4: Your Sleep is Sacred
  • Session 5: Learn the Supertools to Help You Sleep Night After Night
  • Session 6: Unlock the Power of True Circadian Health
  • Session 7: Be Your Own Sleep Expert

The full course includes:

  • 13 guided Sophrology sessions
  • 8 hours of expert knowledge
  • 7 audio recordings
  • Access to private online course community

Sophrology’s unique combination of breathing, relaxation, movement and visualisation balances the nervous system when it’s agitated, supporting us to switch on the parasympathetic nervous system, helping us feel calm, recuperate, and settle into quality sleep.

For information on the next online course, dates and costs visit

3. Wellness Books Make a Lovely Gift

There was a time when picking up a “self-help” book would have filled anyone with dread. But thanks to the rebranding to “self-care” and the recent focus on wellness as something to work towards, not be embarrassed about, there are a plethora of incredible books that will boost your self-awareness and transform your life.

Some of our favourites include:

Not a book fan? Why not pick up a subscription to or headspace? This way, you can enjoy countless audiobooks, podcasts, guided meditations, and so much more to soothe your mind, body, and soul.

4. Meditation Cushion

Everyone deserves a comfy space to meditate or just relax for a few minutes. A beautiful organic cotton meditation cushion or some blankets is a fantastic way to create a dedicated space for mindfulness and make every meditation a bit more special.

self care gift ideas

5. Herbal Tea Gifts

You can pick up herbal teas pretty much anywhere these days, but a set of luxury green and herbal teas still make a wonderful gift.

Depending on whether you (or your recipient) needs a bit more energy, help with relaxation and sleep, is trying to cut down on caffeine, or just loves trying new things, there’s a herbal tea for everyone.

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We recommend chamomile, mint, lavender, rose, matcha, and green teas for soothing anxiety and stress. These teas are also fantastic additions to your night-time routine and will help relax your mind ready for sleep. 

Our range of handpicked Treat Boxes all include a set of herbal tea pouches carefully chosen to cultivate a desired emotional state. Whether that’s drifting off to sleep or feeling Divine, we’ve done the hard work and matched the tea to your mood to create the perfect gift boxes. 

6. Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser might seem like a big gift, but you can pick up fairly inexpensive options on Amazon. We love diffusers as a wellness gift because they provide plenty of flexibility for the recipient to experiment with essential oils and create their own blends to suit their mood. 

Our Sensory Retreats Wellbeing Oils are the perfect addition to a diffuser gift and are pre-blended to Restore, Invigorate, Empower, Revive, Nourish, and relax. So, you’ll be able to discover the perfect combination of fragrances for any mood or emotional need. 

7. Plant-based Beauty Gifts

When it comes to self-care, you can’t beat a vegan, plant-based beauty product to make you feel amazing in mind, body, and soul... Plus, they do good for the planet: giving you even more to feel awesome about!

We like to aim for vegan products from ethical companies and recently tried making our own homemade beauty products – not only does this offer a bit of luxury, but homemade gifts just feel so much more thoughtful and caring!

8. A Journal

Journaling is the new, grown-up version of the diaries many of us kept as kids or teenagers and has been proven to offer incredible benefits to our mental health and wellbeing. Offering you a chance to get whatever’s been on your mind down on paper or just to capture the day’s events, journaling is great for people of all ages.

In addition to a gorgeous journal, a good-quality stationery kit makes an excellent gift for anyone – writer or not!

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9. Mindfulness Puzzles or Colouring Books

Mindfulness colouring was one of those health and wellness trends that took the world by storm a few years ago, but now nobody seems to talk about it.

Although colouring isn’t the hot topic of today, mindfulness puzzles, colouring books, and other activity sets still make a fantastic gift and offer a plethora of wellbeing benefits to the user. Not to mention, they can be really fun!

10. Soft Pyjamas and Fluffy Socks

After a self-care session or DIY spa day, it’s vital to finish the pampering session off in style and comfort! And is there anything that makes you feel better than wrapping yourself in something soft and fluffy?

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Although socks as a gift might have filled us with dread as children, a pair of luxurious fluffy cuddles for your feet is a gift that’s sure to delight any grown-up who needs a bit of TLC!

You could also go the whole way and pick up some super-soft PJs, a fluffy dressing gown, or any other comfortable nightwear to help your loved one relax after a long day.  

11. An Amour Eyes Treat Box

If you or your loved ones need a bit more self-love and TLC, it really doesn’t get much better than our Amour Eyes Treat Box. Sure, we might be a little biased, but this box really does contain everything you could possibly need to feel your most fabulous self!

From a rose quartz crystal to wellbeing cards, green mint tea pouches to a Restore wellbeing oil, scented candle, and rollerball. And, of course, our Amour Eyes eye masks…. Just thinking about all these luxurious treats is making us feel more relaxed!  

If that’s not ticking your boxes, we also have a wide range of handpicked Treat Boxes to help you look and feel amazing, whatever you need. SHOP TREAT BOXES HERE

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