Self-care Ideas: Why It's Important to Indulge in Little Luxuries

Self-care Ideas: Why It's Important to Indulge in Little Luxuries

Discover our wonderful self-care ideas that will help you feel good about yourself, as well as happy.

Self-care has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years, with people of all ages aiming to be a little more mindful and a little less burned out. But what does it mean to indulge in little luxuries? And what do you do when you're already squeezing every last minute out of the day?

Read on to discover some great self-care ideas you can try today...

Self Care Ideas

What is Self-care?

Self-care is all about giving yourself the things you need – this could be mental, spiritual, or physical. Although it may be mistaken as indulgent, permitting yourself the time and things you need to feel great is really all self-care means.

Self-care can take a variety of forms, including:  

  • Buying yourself the designer handbag you've been eyeing up
  • Lying on the ground and simply watching the clouds or stars go by
  • Meal planning to ensure your body is getting the nutrition it needs
  • Getting your finances in order 

Self-care doesn't have to inherently be a specifically big or small task. There are no rules as to what self-care has to look like - if it makes you feel good, then it counts.

Why is Self-care Important? 

If you haven't practised self-care before, then you might think the idea of doing something just for you is selfish or overly indulgent, but it's actually been proven to be a vital part of a healthy and happy life.

Consider the airline warning: "Put on your own mask before helping others." 

This epitomises why self-care is so important: if you're physically, mentally, or emotionally drained, you are not in the best position to serve anyone else.

Self Care Ideas

Scheduling in Some Self-care Time

Scheduling in luxuries can feel like an arduous task in a busy life, but it doesn't need to be. 

Whether you can commit to a full PJ self-care day or can barely squeeze in a 10-minute moving meditation, making time to make yourself a priority is essential for your physical and mental wellbeing.

If you commonly find yourself feeling overworked, overwhelmed, or burned out, then you definitely need to schedule a self-care session.

As we've mentioned, this doesn't mean you need to pack your bags and go for a four-day spa retreat (although if this is what you feel you need and can afford it – go for it!), it's more about taking time for yourself. 

The best self-care ideas are here you're not on-call for anyone else's demands, and can enjoy something that makes you feel special, important, and happy.

If you really struggle taking time for yourself, make an appointment with yourself and mark it in the diary. Let everyone know you will be unavailable for X amount of time, and turn off your phone/computer so you can't be distracted.

If you have kids, get someone else to watch them and lock yourself in the bathroom or leave the house. This is "me time," and it's precious.

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Quick and Easy Self-care Ideas

When you're living a hectic life, these quick and easy self-care ideas will provide a much-needed boost to your emotional and physical wellbeing:

  1. Take a walk and try to notice at least 5 beautiful things
  2. Pick something that's been on your to-do list for a long time and do it
  3. Practice mindfulness as you brew your coffee: notice the swirl of the steam, focus on how the coffee and milk mixes, consider the grains of sugar or sweetener, inhale the fresh coffee scent
  4. Take the stairs and aim to get your step count up
  5. Take a hot bath or shower and moisturise afterwards, giving yourself a mini massage as you go
  6. Drink an extra glass of water first thing in the morning. If you're not a fan, try adding fruit for a gentle, tasty infusion with added health benefits
  7. Take three deep, refreshing breaths into your abdomen
  8. Put on your favourite music or playlist and have a little dance
  9. Stroke a pet (it doesn't have to be yours – although please ask first if it's not!)
  10. Buy yourself a small luxury that you've had your eye on – this could be the expensive beauty product you've been dreaming of, a fancy coffee from your local café, a bottle of wine to share with a friend, or even an uber-soft pair of luxury socks

  1. Light some delicious, scented candles and run a nice hot bubble bath with all your favourite products
  2. Plan a holiday or short trip, with friends or alone
  3. Make sure you're moving your body for at least 30 minutes every day. This could be choosing to walk instead of drive to the shops or work, signing up for a yoga or Zumba class, or just dancing around the kitchen
  4. Swap your afternoon coffee for a refreshing and beneficial cup of herbal tea
  5. Add your favourite essential oils into a diffuser and enjoy some aromatherapy

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self care ideas

The Importance of Little Luxuries 

Although none of these self-care ideas are particularly expensive or extravagant, by putting some self-care practices into your daily life and allowing yourself to enjoy some little luxuries, you're sure to feel happier, refreshed, and more prepared to deal with life's daily stresses in no time. 

Self-care Gifts

If you still feel "selfish" when putting these self-care ideas into practice, why not share your newfound peace with a friend? Getting a friend or loved one a self-care gift is such a wonderful thing to do. Not only are self-care gifts beautiful and thoughtful, but you'll also be giving so much more: you'll be giving the gift of love, relaxation, and a better state of mind. 

Most self-care ideas are also focused on a healthier lifestyle, so it's possibly the most wonderful gift you can give.

self care ideas self heating eye masks

If you need some inspiration for self-care gifts, our range of self-heating eye masks gorgeous scented candles, and essential oils all make the perfect self-care ideas and treats. 

Give the gift of a great night's sleep, a refreshed and revived mindset, or even a bit of self-love with our range of wonderful Treat Boxes. 

For those that need sleep: The Sleep Retreat Treat Box

For those that need calm: The Restore Retreat Treat Box

For those that need pampering: The Divine Retreat Treat Box

You could even buy subscription self-care gifts for yourself or a loved one.

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