thermaBliss Stones Massage - Sensory Retreats
thermaBliss Stones Massage - Sensory Retreats

thermaBliss Stones Massage


Treatment time: 55 minutes

Price: Inquire at your local salon

Using seamless heat and touch, this new thermaBliss Stone Massage is a wonderfully indulgent treat for anyone who needs to revive their body and relax their mind.

These award-winning non-porous thermaBliss stones don’t absorb bacteria and are easily sterilised for the ultimate in treatment safety. Using specialist massage techniques this treatment works the stones in a magical way so that tensions, knots and stress are melted away in moments.

The combination of the massage and the gentle heat, plus products, creates a truly wonderful indulgent treatment that will revive the whole body as the stone glide over the skin.

Ask your therapist to upgrade your treatment with one of the Sensory Retreats self-heating eye masks – the comforting heat, blackout properties and scents will help you fully relax your mind, taking your treatment to an even deeper state of tranquillity.

Our treatments are in over 2,000 spas and salons. Call 01295 235511 to find your local Sensory Retreats salon. Prices may vary depending on the salon.

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