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Sensory Sleep

Sensory Sleep Self-Heating Inserts Refill Box

Sensory Sleep Self-Heating Inserts Refill Box

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Sensory Sleep Self-Heating Inserts Refill Box

Sensory Sleep Unscented Self-Heating Eye Pads

Contains: 12 pairs of disposable heat pads.

Discover the secret to a good night’s sleep with our unscented self-heating eco-steam technology pads. Designed for use with our luxurious Sensory Sleep Mask.

Our self-heating, eco-steam technology pads have been designed exclusively for use with our Sensory Sleep Mask. Simply insert one pad into each of the white pockets and enjoy 30 minutes of soothing warmth to help you relax and drift off to sleep. 

Ingredients: Iron Powder, Activated Carbon Powder, Salt, Vermiculite, Water.

Precautions: Do not allow self-heating pads to come into contact with liquids.

Avoid using while wearing contact lenses or immediately after applying eye drops. Keep out of reach of babies, children and pets. Recommended for users aged 10+. Children should only use this product under the supervision of an adult. Do not heat in the microwave. Do not cut or tear the heat pads. Do not use if damaged.

Warnings: Use only as directed. Remove the mask if you experience any discomfort. In case of irritation, rinse eyes with warm water. Do not use if you have an inability to heel heat sensation. Avoid using if you are recovering from recent eye surgery. Seek medical advice before use if you have a condition affecting the skin around the eyes or if you have sensitive skin.

After use, dispose of eye pads with regular domestic rubbish.

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