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Elfland Wish Wand (Boxed)

Elfland Wish Wand (Boxed)

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Elf Eyes Products have been created for age 5+

Magical beechwood Elfland Wish Wand for all little fairies and wizards, pixies and elves. Use it to help make dreams and wellbeing wishes come true, for your friends, your family and you.

Suitable for age 5+ the Elfland Wish Wand is the perfect gift for all wannabe wizards and little elves, pixies, fairies, or just anyone who believes in the power of the imagination to bring dreams and magic to life.

You can use your beautiful beechwood magic wand to bring the Elf Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask to life, ready for a relaxing night’s sleep. Simply tap the packet 3 times with the wand as you repeat the magic words, “Elf Eyes come alive, sparkle and shine, warm up and be mine.”

To use your magical Elfland Wish Wand to cast a happy spell or make someone’s dreams come true, hold your wand upright and point it firmly in the direction of the special object or person you want to transfer your well wishes onto.

Now close your eyes tightly, use your imagination and think happy, positive thoughts. Practice makes perfect! So keep making those wishes and believing in the power of magic. 


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