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Packed with pampering wellbeing treats to delight the senses

A luxurious and indulgent collection of your favourite wellbeing treats designed to help you de-stress, unwind and be kind to your mind.


1 x Restore Rollerball 10ml

2 x Divine Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks

1 x Rose Quartz Crystal

1 x Divine Escape Crystal Singing Bowls Music Download

5 x Camellia’s House Green Mint Tea Pouches

1 x Kate Corcoran Illustrated Rainbow Postcard


This kit is a wonderful handpicked collection of wellbeing products and holistic treats curated to give you everything you need to escape and take five from the stresses of everyday life. 

Whenever you need to indulge in some “me-time”, reach for this stylish Spa At Home Treat Box and choose your favourite ways to soothe and relax a tired body or over-anxious mind. 


Bring the spa into your home and prepare to surrender to your senses:

Restore Rollerball 10ml

Use the Restore Rollerball to experience an immediate on-the-go boost. It’s been uniquely designed to improve mental clarity and help restore the senses during moments of heightened stress, anxiety or feelings of overwhelm. Available in a super portable format, ideal for slipping into a handbag or a purse, now you can carry your wellbeing with you throughout the day. This is pocket-sized, mobile luxury at your fingertips.

Divine Eyes Self-Heating Mask x 2

Infused with a sensational aromatherapy spa scent that contains relaxing lavender, these masks may help alleviate seven common health and beauty conditions: dry and tired eyes, headaches, insomnia and stress puffy eyes and fine lines.

They’re great for use in the bath or as part of a weekly anti-aging facial treatment or home pampering experience. 

Simply pop on a Divine Eyes Mask any time you feel like escaping in the moment and enjoy a blissful home spa retreat.

Rose Quartz Crystal

Our Rose Quartz Crystal is excellent quality, hand-carved and designed to be held and cherished, promoting happiness in the moment. It’s a lovely reminder to us all to take time out to relax and unwind and let go of negativity.

Rose Quartz is one of the most popular of all crystals and delivers soothing and calming energy. It quickly dispels feelings of self-doubt, self-criticism and resentment and can help to lower stress and tension, clearing away anger and jealousy. 

Use your Rose Quartz Crystal to open up your heart chakra and allow feelings of self-love and compassion to flood your entire being. 

Divine Escape Crystal Singing Bowls Music Download

Simply download your digital soundtrack and listen any time, any place. Create your own sound bath at home or listen to the Crystal Singing Bowls in the background any time you want to experience deep relaxation and powerfully reconnect to all five of your senses. 

Prepare to tune in and zone out as you listen to the frequency of 432 sound vibration, uniquely tuned to the harmonic intonation of nature. These magical sounds neutralise stress, soothe the nervous system and heal body and mind while re-aligning the chakras. 

Camellia’s House Green Mint Tea Pouches

Enjoy a cup of this truly invigorating tea which combines the strength of a high-quality China Gunpowder tea with the delightful sweetness and aroma of premium peppermint leaves. 

This Gold Taste award-winning tea offers a bold and stimulating, but well-balanced cup which will awaken all your senses. It’s a full-bodied and earthy green tea with a refreshing sweet mint flavour that is suitable to drink at any time of the day or night.


Our hand-picked collection of luxurious wellbeing treats works in harmony with each other to revive and restore all five of your senses allowing for complete and unadulterated immersion and quality “me-time”

To get the best out of your Sensory Retreats Home Spa Treat Box:


  • Simply find a tranquil and relaxing space in which to escape from the outside world
  • Allow the soothing sounds of the crystal singing bowls music to transport you to a place of deep relaxation
  • Enjoy the warmth of the self-heating eye mask as tension magically melts away 
  • Your eye mask is can be worn at your desk, in the bath, during meditation practise or to go to bed
  • Place the Rose Quartz Crystal close to your heart and fill your body and soul with self-love and compassion
  • Slowly breath in the deeply soothing scent and therapeutic benefits of the Restore Rollerball applied to pulse points
  • Finally, awaken the senses with a refreshing cup of hand-blended green mint tea


Whether you are in need of a mood boost, want to enhance your energy levels, require help relaxing, preparing to drift off to sleep or just need to de-stress at home, our Home Spa Treat Box supports your complete wellbeing. 

We believe it’s important to be kind to your mind, not just your body, and with this indulgent and luxurious box of treats, you can do just that.