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Sensory Retreats

The Lost Wish Book Gift Set

The Lost Wish Book Gift Set

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Bring The Lost Wish book to life with your very own wish wand and Elf Eyes self-heating eye mask. 

The Lost Wish

Discover The Lost Wish by Clare Anderson and Emily Jacobs, illustrated by Emma Kurran, where imagination is limitless, and pure adventure awaits. It’s a tale guaranteed to excite and inspire young readers everywhere. 

Set off on a remarkable journey through a mystical land! Join Siena, a bright and brave little girl, who one stormy night, steps through a magical archway and into 

Elfland; a thrilling world of friendly elves, dangerous dragons, flying pixies and talking rats! Discover what adventure awaits her.

What’s Included:

The Lost Wish Book

Elfland Wish Wand 

Elf Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask x2

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