8 Reason Why Our Heated Eye Masks Will Help You Sleep

8 Reason Why Our Heated Eye Masks Will Help You Sleep

Studies show an unbelievable 1-in-3 adults don't get enough sleep. If your nights are filled with restlessness and frustration, our self-heating eye masks could be the answer you've been searching for. And here's why…

Reasons our masks help you sleep

1. Heat Therapy

The first thing you'll notice about all of our Sensory Retreats eye masks is that they contain self-heating technology. This isn't just a vanity point. The heat is essential for soothing dry, tired eyes, engaging the aromatherapy properties, and lulling you into a state of relaxation that's perfect for sleep.

Applying heat on your face might not seem like the ideal way to relax (it's practically the opposite of more traditional beauty regimes like cucumbers on the eyes!). However, the gentle warmth emitted by our masks soothes and relaxes the facial muscles, easing eye strain and helping you instantly feel more comfortable.

Designed to feel like a warm cuddle for your eyes, wearing our masks will instantly transport you to a world where you feel warm, safe, cosy, and better able to drift off.

2. Gorgeous Scents

Our innovative eye masks are infused with beautiful and relaxing scents to help create the perfect sensory environment for rest and recuperation. When it comes to sleep, our two best-sellers are Luna Eyes and Dreamy Eyes, infused with lavender and jasmine, respectively.

This infusion of scents enables our masks to gently utilise the healing and relaxation powers of aromatherapy to help create the mental and emotional state most productive to slumber.

Even if you're not into aromatherapy and essential oils, chances are you'll have heard how lavender can induce a calm and peaceful state and is frequently used in bedtime routines.

Jasmine is another excellent essential oil for creating the right atmosphere to help you drift off. This scent is a known antidepressant and mood booster and is brilliant at reducing anxiety and stress.

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Reasons our heated masks help you sleep


3. Sound Therapy

Studies have found sound therapy can be highly effective for helping the body and mind heal, and has been used to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, aches and pains, sleep disorders, and much more throughout history.

Our resident zen mindfulness teacher, Elizabeth Caroline, has created exclusive guided meditation tracks to help you find ultimate relaxation and peace as you drift off. Not only will these meditation tracks help you sleep, but they can also help relieve anxiety, stress, and depression to help you live a happier and healthier life.

In addition to Elizabeth's guided meditation, our sleep-inducing masks also come with 85 minutes of Divine Escape Singing Bowls Music. 

Singing bowls have been used in healing sound therapy for centuries to reduce stress, rebalance the chakras, and encourage deeper, more satisfying relaxation and sleep.

4. Comfort

An uncomfortable mask will never help you drift off to sleep, no matter how many other properties it incorporates. That's why our masks are comfortable above all else.

With a unisex design that fits men, women, and even children, our masks feature comfortable elasticated straps that slip over the ears and hold the mask securely in place (children might need to tie a knot in the straps to keep the mask secure).

Our masks are made to feel like a warm cuddle, so they hug your eyes and face as you gently drift off to sleep, warm and comfortable and the perfect amount of weight

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4. Light

Do you often ask yourself - why am I so tired? A commonly offered piece of advice for improving sleep is to ensure your bedroom is dark enough. But not all of us can enjoy the full benefits of a pair of blackout curtains every night.

Our eye masks can help resolve the irritation of street lamps, the hall-light the kids' demand stays on, or any other distractions that might interrupt your nighttime bliss.

They are full blackout masks, so no light can penetrate or disturb you, helping you sleep soundly all night long.


Heated masks help you sleep

5. Relief from Menopausal Symptoms

If you're going through the menopause, we know just how uncomfortable everything can be and how the menopause affects sleep for many women.

For at least 25% of women, sleeplessness, heightened stress, and dry eyes and skin are daily (or nightly) problems.

Aiding menopausal symptoms might not have been the initial purpose of our Divine Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks, but so many of our customers have reported these masks as a lifesaver for sleeping soundly.

One of the primary reasons our masks are so helpful for helping menopausal and peri-menopausal women drift off is by reducing the brain's fight-or-flight response that's triggered as oestrogen levels decrease.

By assisting the body and brain relax through a combination of gentle heat and aromatherapy, our masks help create an atmosphere of calm and peace, letting you sleep better and for longer.

6. Reduce Anxiety, Stress and Tension

Your health and wellness should be top of your priority list but stress coupled with anxiety are a good night's sleep's worst enemy.

If unfriendly thoughts keep you up at night, a soothing eye mask can help keep them at bay by relaxing the face and mind and allowing you to drift off. 

The subtle fragrance of lavender or jasmine will relax your senses and calm an overactive brain, while the blackout mask keeps any lights or surrounding distractions at bay.

The guided meditations from Elizabeth Caroline are also an excellent way to work through stress and anxiety or shut off entirely as you listen to the peaceful Crystal Sound Healing music.

As you reduce your stress and anxiety levels, you'll find your mind more capable of switching off for the night and may even discover a new sense of wellbeing and happiness.

Heated eye masks


7. Soothe Tense, Tired Eyes

If you work on a computer or regularly suffer from dry, tired eyes, you'll be amazed at what a self-heating eye mask can do for you! The masks warm up almost instantly, so you can enjoy immediate relaxation that will relax the muscles in your face and eyes, removing any tension or strain.

As the masks warm, the gentle fragrance of lavender or jasmine will also help relieve any headaches or migraines tired eyes can cause, while the blackout mask will give your eyes a well-deserved break from bright lights.

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8. Sleep Better, Feel Better

Once upon a time, being alert - even in sleep - was essential to our survival. These days, the noise of traffic, our partner watching the telly next to us, or kids leaving the bathroom or hallway light on are certainly not a threat to our existence, but they can keep us up at night!

Discover a whole new world of peaceful slumber with our Divine Eyes and Luna Eyes sleep-inducing self-heating eye masks.

A multi-sensory experience that will leave you refreshed, rested, and wonderful.

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